Photo Gallery


Above is pictured SSRA's Sharon Green and Roxanne Trees with David Horsey at the luncheon

Mr. Horsey, a Seattle Public School and University of Washington graduate, went on to receive the Pulitzer Prize for his political cartoons. His work eventually became nationally syndicated. His cartoons now appear in The Seattle Times as well as The Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. 

Craig & Patricia MacGowan's 1959 Mercedes Benz, Bruce Jackson & Sue Battin's 1960 Austin Healy BT7, Geoff Bell's Austin Healy 3000 MK II, Doug Evan's 1963 Austin Healy, Ian MacGowan's 1949 MG TC, Al Young's 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner, Terry & Dee Bruner's 1967 Austin Healy. Nick Schultz, former WSSRA President discussed his love for classic cars and old farm equipment. Thanks to Dee Brunner's for the wonderful photos